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Where is Chilean Patagonia?

Located at the southern end of the Chilean mainland and is continually emphasized by the media around the world as one of the best places to visit.

Besides the continental Chilean territory (1,250,000 km ²), occupies a portion of the Antarctic territory (132,033 km ²), making it the largest region in the country.

Is composed of four provinces: Magallanes, Last Hope, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, each of which has a distinct charm.Because of its large size, presents important climatic variations that make in one day we have rain, sun, hail, cold, heat and wind gusts up to 100 km / hr. These changes are mainly influenced by the pampa, the sea and the winds, and temperatures can drop below freezing in winter, and can go up to 15 Celsius degrees in summer.

Each station is totally different and visitors can appreciate spectacular landscapes, marvel colors, lights and different sensations year around.

Source: National Tourism Service www.sernatur.cl